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Forms support
Oracle Forms is now fully supported in build 458. This build also includes a lot of bugfixes and improvements to the Analyzer tool more»

New payment processor
We switched to a new payment processor. All online payments (credit card/Paypal/etc) are now handled by MyCommerce from Digital River GmbH more»

V4.0 *beta* of our tools are released

FormsTool and FormsAPI Master V4.0 *Beta* can now be downloaded from our website! 

V4 more»

Middleware12c Support

Forms12c and Reports12c are now fully supported. more»

FormsAPI Master V3.0 and FormsTool V3.0 final version released

Our brand new Version 3 rewrite of our tools is now officially out of beta-stage and has been released more»


FormsTool and FormsAPI Master V4.0 Beta

Version V4.0 of our tools with the new Module Analyzer tool has been released as beta - Read more about it here.
FormsAPI Master V3.0          FormsTool V3.0
FormsAPI Master lets you programmatically modify and analyze large batches of Oracle Forms and Reports Modules. An easy to learn scripting language similar to PL/SQL syntax gives you full access & flexibility over Oracle's Forms Open API. FormsAPI Master is a powerful add-on tool for the Oracle Developer Suite that allows you to automate repetitive tasks!   FormsTool is the "little" brother of FormsAPI Master. FormsTool contains all the same powerful tools that can be found in FormsAPI Master except the powerful scripting feature. FormsTool helps you to compare, search and extract Oracle Forms and Reports modules.
Feature Matrix


Write simple scripts to analyze or alter large
numbers of Forms and Reports modules

Compare & Merge

2-Way, 3-Way and Directory Compares of files,
Merge objects, properties and pl/sql code in Forms/Reports

Search & Replace

Simple, Multi, Regular Expressions, Property Search

Extract Modules

Extract properties and objects in a module
to HTML, Text, XML or Excel

Batch Tools

Compile, convert, upgrade, extract,etc
multiple Oracle modules in one go (currently under development, only partially implemented)
FormsAPI Master is for Oracle Developers who want to automate repetitive tasks and save weeks and months of manual labor.          FormsTool is for Oracle Developers who need a helping hand every now and then to search, compare and compile applications.

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