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Demo Scripts

On this Page you can find all the scripts FormsAPI Master ships with. The newest FormsAPI Master install will always include an up to date version of all scripts mentioned here. By analyzing them and copy together the important parts you should find yourself soon able to write yourself your own scripts. If you know something is possible with Oracles Forms Open API but don't want to invest any time in learning the simple script language then maybe our Consulting services might be of aid to you.

Simple Scripts


Simple Tutorial script showing how to add and remove PL/SQL Libraries from Forms Modules.


A simple tutorial script looping through boilerplate text items and change the fontsize


A simple tutorial script showing how to subclass a object from a object library module into a formsmodule. In this example we get an Alert-Object and subclass it to a formsmodule.


A ScriptPascal tutorial on how to use OLE objects. In this script we open a excel document and write some things in it.


A ScriptPascal tutorial on how to use OLE objects. In this script we open a word document and write some things in it.


A ScriptPascal tutorial on how to connect to an oracle database and query/insert/update and execute stored procedures.


A advanced ScriptPascal tutorial on how to use parameter screens for your scripts.


A advanced ScriptPascal tutorial on how to use parameter screens for your scripts.


A basic ScriptPascal tutorial on how to use parameter screens for your scripts.


A simple Oracle Forms Open API tutorial how to generically get a list of all possible properties.


A simple demo program that shows how to use regular expressions searches.


Shows how to use read from the Window Registry from inside ScriptPascal.


Very simple script to show how the Oracle Forms Open API works. It loads a module, renames it and saves it under a new name.


Shows how to use some of the System functions inside ScriptPascal.

This script language tutorial shows how to split code into multiple files for easier maintenance and link them together.


A simple report script that shows the name of all the blocks in a forms module.

Report Scripts


Extracts summaries for all type of objects. This is usefuel if you ever wanted to know for example how many screens (canvases) your application has or how many program units totally are used in your application. This script could also be very easily tweaked little bit to for example assess the complexity of a given formsmodule automatically.


A simple script that loops through all Forms Items and looks for checkboxes that are too small and might not render correctly. Forms6i had those issues when deployed on internet!


A simple script asking for an item name and length and then reports all forms modules where the length is not matching.


Shows how to extract and manipulate color palette in a Forms module.


This script searches all forms in a directory for the occurance of a given searchstring in PLSQL code and logs the place where it found it.


A ScriptPascal translation of traverse.c found in the Oracles SDK examples. It shows how to generically loop through all items and properties in a Forms Module. This script is one of the most useful to learn how objects are stored and accessed over the Forms Open API. But please be aware that FormsAPI Master has many internal helper functions that make such things much easier!


Extracts all iconfile usages (from buttons and sourcode in calls to set_item_property('???',icon_name,'???') ) from a forms application. Great to see which icons are really used and which you can get rid of!


Extracts the number of source lines for the given modules. See also the AppStatistic.p2s script!


Extracts and reports all the roles used by menus. the text outputfile will be a matrix report having all roles on the horizontal axis and all menus/menuitems vertically.


A demo script that looks for a given searchstring in the W-N-F-I trigger and reports if it can't find it!


Some companies have standards that no data is physically deleted. They make a so called logical delete, setting a status flag on the record to inactive. This demo script loops through all record groups and tries to find statements that don't have checks for the status-flag.


This script loops through all items that can have short cuts (such as menuitems, buttons, radiobuttons,etc) and looks if there is any that doesn't have a shortcut assigned.


This demo script reports all visible items that don't have a visual attribute assigned.


Checks if the selected formsmodules have procedures with same name and sourcecode like in a given PLSQL Library and reports them so that you can check them out and delete those.


This script checks if property classes assigned to any object have manually overriden attributes and reports them.


Reports API example, extracts all user parameters from a Oracle Report file.

Advanced Scripts


This script adds some new pl/sql lines to a selected triggers. Useful for example if you have a new procedure that you want to call everywhere inside the when-new-form-instance trigger.


Converts boilerplate texts to prompts. This script will attempt to convert all boilertexts to prompts that are within close distance to an item (either left or in case of multitems at top).

The Run_Product built in will be obsolete in Forms9i and is already more or less obsolete for Web deployed Forms. This script will convert all those calls to a generic framework that allows you to call web.show_document or run_report_object. The script not only replaces the RUN_PRODUCT call but also implements logic to intercept the paramater passing.


Converts a forms module from Character to Real Coordinates and visa versa. This implementation is based upon the chgcoord.cpp found in oracles fapi sdk examples.


Formsmodules can subclass objects in other Modules from either Database or Filesystem. There is no way to change the subclass information inside FormsBuilder, but the API makes such a thing possible! This script lets you change any references to whichever module storage type you prefer. See also Oracle Metalink notes 133511.1 and 111812.1 for more information.


Script to fix Oracle Bug#900989: hints disabled after conversion from forms5. The script will run through all itemobjects and enable the showhints property if there is a hint text.

This script will upscale/downscale an existing forms application to another resolution. This script is fantastic if you developed your application system years ago in 640*480 and now wan't to change to a higher resolution!


Batch compiles all selected modulefiles and reports any compilation errors.


This script will resize an existing LOV so that it shows nicely when deployed over the internet. Web-Forms tend to need somewhat more space than client server LOV's.


Merges the objects of a template formsmodule into an existing formsmodule. This is great if you have a template with a bunch of propertyclasses/visual attributes that you want to copy/reference to all your formsmodule. This script will just copy all objects! To reference them from your original base-template just reference the objects you want to have into a dummytemplate form from where they then can be copied into all other forms (keeping their original reference to the base template) !


Donated by - Script which adds FM as as prefix to the format mask of numeric items, but only if the format mask has been changed in the form. The format mask will not be changed if it is the original subclassed value or if it is the default value. If a format mask doesn't have FM, the user has to delete the leading blanks in the field to enter a longer value.


This Tutorial script will show how to change Oracle Reports Files. It shows how to parse a REX file, and extract and change boilerplate texts. This tutorial script changes the prompt by adding a 'Hello:' at the beginning and a ':End' at the end of the text. It also shows some techniques how to parse hex-coded strings (like boilertexts are, because of multibyte language supports!).


This Tutorial script will show how to change Oracle Reports Files. It shows how to parse a REX file, and extract and change the "after parameter form"-trigger. This tutorial script changes the PL/SQL function by adding a new line of PL/SQL after the BEGIN - Keyword of the function!


Removes a given schema name in front of tables/stored functions from the sourcecode and tablebased blocks.

Converts old V2 Style trigger steps from Oracle Forms 2.x to the new PL/SQL Triggers. It will replace CASE into if/thens and #COPY into direct assignements if possible. Warning! - This script has not yet been tested and should still considered to be BETA! - Any volunteers to test the scripts are welcome! This script is based upon a original source of Forms3Converter by F.J.Naude that can be found on in the Forms3 FAQ section!


This script makes a forms application developed on windows ready to run on Unix. It will check that all filecases of attached/sublassed modules and built-ins (like run_product) are the same.