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FormsTool Change Log

New builds of FormsTool are getting released regularly. We follow an iterative development process where bugfixes and new features are added to each new build. If you find a bug in our tools then please make sure it's not already fixed in the latest version. If the bug still exists then we would love to hear about it to get the chance to fix it!

We are usually able to respond and fix things quite quickly thanks to our iterative development approach. Please submit a description of the bug together with a small test case (Forms module, etc) to

3.00.0350 - Released on 16-Oct-2018
  • Global, fixed issue with fetching new release notifications & list of changes

3.00.0349 - Released on 03-Sep-2018
  • Explorer, XML export was not working
  • Search, fix export to text/html crashing when there were modules with no hits

3.00.0348 - Released on 07-Apr-2018
  • Global, Reports was not showing number values (in compare/search/explore)
  • Compare, merging text in DiffViewer was in some cases ignoring CR/LF
  • Search, property search with "not in" wasn't working
  • Search, property search with "not in" and "in" didn't allow to search for empty values
  • Compare, handle module load failures properly and show an error message instead of just ignoring it

3.00.0347 - Released on 26-Feb-2018
  • Search, had range-check exceptions in certain cases
  • Search, wasn't highlighting words correctly in some cases
  • Search, re-enabling showing search results if the "Show only Modules with Hits" option was selected
  • Search, in multisearch when searching for "ab" and "abc" would only show hits for the first "ab" occurrence
  • Search, while search is in progress, new hit-results added need to be filtered according to the view-mode
  • Global, Select-All command should select all nodes in trees (if multiselect is enabled)
  • Search, new feature "refine-search in selected module" implemented

3.00.0346 - Released on 21-Jan-2018
  • search, export of data raised exception when any file exists that didn't had a search hit
  • batch, XML Convert forms11g/12c is using {oh}\bin\frmf2xml.bat but should be {oh}\form1\bin\frmf2xml.bat
  • Global, Start by command line had issues with file handling and API-selection
  • FormsAPI, fix eInvalidOp Floating point operation issue on Windows10/Forms11g when connecting to database

3.00.0345 - Released on 14-Dec-2016
  • API, Forms12C is requiring the MSVCR90.DLL when using database connections
  • Global, renamed command line parameter /log to /debuglog as it was conflicting with FormsAPI Master script log
  • Global, multithreading improvement to speed up search/compare/batch tools
  • Global, database connect dialogs where missing the list of database-aliases
  • Search, binary pre-scan option reimplemented again to speed up searches for of (only US7ASCII search strings supported)
  • Search, implement support for starting from command line
  • Search, some objects are not found (such as a LOV name isn't showing the item using it)
  • Batch, running from command-line was broken
  • Global, version/builds shown on the Help/About screen had wrong dates
  • Global, find and replace dialogs don't close when clicking the "x" (go line dialog works)
  • Global, ReportsAPI wasn't using database connection during loading of reports
  • API, Reports modules when saved was setting the module name to lowercase instead of uppercase

3.00.0343 - Released on 08-Feb-2016
  • Compare/Explore, subclassed blocks based on stored procedures lost the query-triggers when saved
  • Compare/Explore/Search, modyfing certain object-properties raised "empty object" error (for example setting an items canvas item to empty)
  • Search, the replace functionality now takes * and ? characters literally (instead of treating them as wildcards)

3.00.0342 - Released on 18-Dec-2015
  • Compare, the diff-viewer screen didn't display the old/base properties for editing
  • Search, searching a pipe-character '|' wasn't handled correctly (needed escaping for regular search engine)
  • Global, editing boolean-properties in Search/Compare/Explore didn't work for german/french users
  • Explorer, enabled search function (ctrl+f shortcut) to find objects and values
  • Search, enabled search function (ctrl+f shortcut) to find objects and values
  • Compare, enabled search function (ctrl+f shortcut) to find objects and values
  • Batch, enabled search function (ctrl+f shortcut) to find objects and values

3.00.0341 - Released on 18-Nov-2015
  • Build 340 was actually 339
  • Search, multisearch was limited to 15 entries - increased that one to 127

3.00.0340 - Released on 17-Nov-2015
  • Global, Added Support for Oracle Fusion Middleware 12c
  • Compare, directory-compare failed if a directory containg exactly 3 files are compared
  • Compare, directory-compare export to html/txt was not exporting the directory name correctly
  • Global, improved syntax highlighter for SQL/PLSQL properties (added Oracle keywords, highlight datatypes/etc)

3.00.0339 - Released on 13-Aug-2015
  • Batch, compile function left empty *.err files after compilation
  • Compare, fix number-properties showing as changed due to incorrect typeacasting (comparing integer with floats)
  • The BaseREF-URL (to locate images/scripts/stylesheets) in html exports is now a configuration and commandline setting
  • Increased timeout for Oracle Reports module loading to cope with bigger modules/slow computers.
  • Global, the "don't remember passwords" option was ignored on all parameter screens
  • Global, added better db connection-dialogs on param forms (with host-alias dropdowns, etc)
  • Search, not escaping the + sign correctly (like for example searching for outter join with "(+)" failed)
  • Compare, was not displaying any changes in the last line of multiline properties (but detection still worked)
  • Compare, added an "adjoining lines" option to display lines around a change for better overview
  • Compare/Explore, have more meaningful names for Datasource Arguments/Columns, now shows if it is for Delete/Update/Lock/etc

3.00.0338 - Released on 15-Apr-2015
  • Batch Admin, Property Extractor tool implemented
  • Batch Admin, Compiler tool implemented
  • Batch Admin, new PL/SQL Library manager tool implemented
  • Search, speed and stability improvements

3.00.0337 - Released on 25-Jan-2015
  • Search, fixed PropertySearch for boolean properties
  • Search, fixed export to html/text failing when search encountered a module-load-failure
  • Global, Online version check feature implemented
  • DiffViewer, fixed some issues with merge-chevrons (inserting at wrong position, removing inserted/deleted lines, etc)
  • Compare/Explore, record group query property could get lost if record group has a property class attached
  • Global, enabled file drag'n drop support into header/tab of every window, not just on the new-tab screen
  • Compare, improved visual style of added/removed/changed properties/objects

3.00.0336 - Released on 13-Dec-2014
  • Global, fixed access violations when howevering/clicking over the the messageboxes at the bottom of the screens (errors/notifications/taskprogress/etc)
  • Compare/Search/Explore, object-group-children didn't extract/compare/search properties in object group children.

3.00.0335 - Released on 09-Nov-2014
  • API, database connection was only used first time an API connection was made, but not on subsequent ones
  • API, database connections were failing when multiple tools were started at the same time
  • Global, switching between multiple tools sometimes raised an "invalid window handle" exception
  • PowerSearch, property search for object-only search condition (*ObjectType=???) would not show any results
  • Compare, on connection-error the "go back to mainscreen-button" caused access violations
  • API, have better descriptive error messages on reports loading problems.
  • API, have timeouts for loading/converting reports and forms modules. Without timeouts Search/Compare sometimes hanged.
  • Global, The fileinputs on the Search/compare/Explore parameterscreens are not stretching to the whole window width
  • Batch/Search/Compare, adding a large amount of files on the parameterscreens was slow (took 15-20seconds)

3.00.0334 - Released on 17-Jun-2014
  • API, fixed issue on API detection at startup when only one version of Oracle Forms was installed
  • Search, fixed error message in Property Search mode when searching forms only properties

3.00.0333 - Released on 16-Jun-2014
  • Global, tab-painting code raised access violation in some rare case (there is another similar bugs that is still open)
  • Global, fixed parameter screens having issue with illegal filenames
  • Global, taskmenu contained hidden application-frames, not just the application modules main frame
  • Global, fixed tab-key navigation on several screens (Compare/Batch/Search/etc)
  • DevCompare, removed unnecessary library-location property from library modules to avoid wrong change-detections
  • DevCompare, the difference-viewer now has splitterbars to resize the editors
  • API, pll-loading, removed the PLL->PLD->PLL conversion work around as it removes leading/trailing comments in program units.
  • API, saving pll-modules failed (unicode encoding bug)
  • API, resolved DLL loading problem, we now support multiple of the same Forms versions in different directories
  • API, improved detection by also adding paths from registry-oracle-root (not just from \oracle\all_homes)
  • Search, the property search wasn't working on enumerated properties
  • Search, the replace-mode was using smart whitespace/linesep functionality for the search which it shouldn't
  • Global, improvements to the DevCompare/PowerSearch in case something goes wrong (showing error message now instead of terminating)
  • LaunchScreen, made it work on small screens (scrollbars) and made it keyboard navigable
  • BatchAdmin, included an option to remove the directory part of the modules

3.00.0332 - Released on 11-Nov-2013
  • PowerSearch, property-search wasn't enabled in "RELEASE" mode

3.00.0331 - Released on 05-Nov-2013 Read News
  • This is the new V3.0 verison, a complete rewrite!

2.00.0239 - Released on 28-Nov-2011
  • TNSAlias list for database connection screens (like for example in the DevCompare tool) now returns the one from the right oracle-home.
  • TNS_ADMIN is now handled correctly for connecting

2.00.0237 - Released on 28-Oct-2010
  • powersearch, open multiline /*...*/ comments in the searchresult messed up pl/sql highlighting
  • DevCompare/DevReport, Forms11g item types showed wrong icon
  • fixed Forms11g problem with saving (and in some cases loading) of PLL library modules

2.00.0236 - Released on 18-Feb-2010
  • DevCompare, fixed exception when closing the application with a DevCompare window still open

2.00.0235 - Released on 30-Jan-2010
  • DevCompare, fixed "out-of-bound-index" exception bug happening with some modules

2.00.0234 - Released on 18-Dec-2009
  • DevCompare, removed hardcoded limit of 2,000 sub-objects for each object (block->blockitems)

2.00.0233 - Released on 03-Dec-2009
  • DevCompare, fixed access violation when watching "new objects" properties.

2.00.0232 - Released on 30-Nov-2009
  • Fixed AdvancedProperty search bug in powersearch
  • Fixed Forms 6.0 bug - Check for property default value changed subclass-properties in DevCompare
  • Changed API detection algorithm, 60/6i, 9i/10g aswell as 10gR2/11g API's can now be selected correctly
  • DevCompare, fixed access violation on closing the application when there are still diff-windows open
  • Couple of improvements dealing with WindowState not working too well with maximized windows.
  • DevCompare, improved the "Change-of-Position" detection algorithm.
  • DevCompare, display of Program-Units is now sorted
  • DevCompare, fixed item-type icons for Forms11g
  • Read-Only attribute on pll-files caused Forms converter to fail and files to remain in temp-dir
  • HTML-Location settings failed when trailing slash was missing
  • DevCompare, save of reports compares was using wrong property names (only for *.txt files)
  • DevCompare with text-files didn't show filenames in the diff-window

2.00.0231 - Released on 14-Jul-2009
  • Added Forms11g support
  • Added Reports11g support
  • Updated oracle library to support Oracle 11g client (Forms11g uses 11g client)
  • DevCompare ignored comparing char/byte length semantic in Forms10gR2
  • PowerSearch now reports the whole line when "0-lines before/after" is set.

2.00.0230 - Released on 25-Mar-2009
  • DevCompare in edit mode didn't save changes done in the combolist-editor (for enumerated properties)
  • DevCompare was wrongfully inheriting properties in the test to determine if a property is overridden/inherited/default
  • Had one last shot at trying to improve PLL load errors

2.00.0229 - Released on 09-Feb-2009
  • fixed "Memory Access Violations" in DevCompare when merging objects
  • Another fix to loading PLL Libraries in case the have missing library attachments
  • Check for read-only file attribute before saving Oracle Reports files

2.00.0228 - Released on 02-Sep-2008
  • Another fix to loading PLL Libraries in case the have missing library attachments
  • Check for read-only file attribute before saving Oracle Reports files
  • fixed "Memory Access Violations" in DevCompare when merging objects

2.00.0228 - Released on 02-Sep-2008
  • Another fix to loading PLL Libraries in case the have missing library attachments
  • Check for read-only file attribute before saving Oracle Reports files
  • fixed "Memory Access Violations" in DevCompare when merging objects

2.00.0227 - Released on 16-Jul-2008
  • Fixed Reports problem of Fields/Boilerplates having wrong/missing style information (font/color/etc)

2.00.0227 - Released on 16-Jul-2008
  • Fixed Reports problem of Fields/Boilerplates having wrong/missing style information (font/color/etc)

2.00.0226 - Released on 30-Jun-2008
  • fixed Reports problem with "REP-0024:Property with name <*> not found!" in reports with group-filter triggers

2.00.0226 - Released on 30-Jun-2008
  • fixed Reports problem with "REP-0024:Property with name <*> not found!" in reports with group-filter triggers

2.00.0225 - Released on 10-Jun-2008
  • Support for Korean KO16KSC5601 character encoding fixed
  • Removed trial limitation to save merged modules from DevCompare
  • fixed reporting of the text property in Reports Boilerplates (text sections)
  • PowerSearch aborted search (silently) when a file in the list of files to search did not exist anymore
  • added object-path to DiffCompare/Property window

2.00.0225 - Released on 10-Jun-2008
  • Support for Korean KO16KSC5601 character encoding fixed
  • Removed trial limitation to save merged modules from DevCompare
  • fixed reporting of the text property in Reports Boilerplates (text sections)
  • PowerSearch aborted search (silently) when a file in the list of files to search did not exist anymore
  • added object-path to DiffCompare/Property window

2.00.0224 - Released on 29-Dec-2007
  • couple of fixes to the search-box (unique MRU list, etc)
  • PowerSearch in known SQL files did ignore the PL/SQL Comments option (for sql/pkb/pkd/fnc/prc files).
  • PowerSearch replace in record-group queries wasn't working when not connected (tried to reparse column information)
  • Main window is now showing the Forms API version in the title

2.00.0224 - Released on 29-Dec-2007
  • couple of fixes to the search-box (unique MRU list, etc)
  • PowerSearch in known SQL files did ignore the PL/SQL Comments option (for sql/pkb/pkd/fnc/prc files).
  • PowerSearch replace in record-group queries wasn't working when not connected (tried to reparse column information)
  • Main window is now showing the Forms API version in the title

2.00.0223 - Released on 19-Sep-2007
  • DevCompare was causing problems with inherited objects, making them unloadable after saving.

2.00.0222 - Released on 07-Aug-2007
  • DevCompare has now a read-only mode (disabled editing/merging) under Tools/Settings/DeveloperCompare
  • DiffEditor had some problems with displaying correct text-diff results in certain combinations
  • DevCompare failed with access violation on empty boilerplate text items
  • Legacy Forms50 API support was broken
  • DevCompare/Report did not compare/report PropertyClass Properties

2.00.0221 - Released on 22-Jun-2007
  • Advanced PowerSearch searches on boolean didn't work (true=false)

2.00.0220 - Released on 16-Apr-2007
  • DevCompare security confirmation for saving files with missing attached libraries works opposite (yes<=>no)
  • DevCompare was failing with oracle forms menu modules
  • Ignore Case option wasn't handled properly in DevCompare
  • DiffWindow/PropertyViewer now remembers window sizes

2.00.0219 - Released on 08-Mar-2007
  • PowerSearch neglected the "Ignore Comments/Strings" option in text files
  • fixed problem with open strings over multiple lines in PowerSearch when "Ignore Comments" was selected.
  • treat as binary was not working in PowerSearch

2.00.0218 - Released on 22-Feb-2007
  • Fixed object library compare bug (tree display causing access violation with library tab objects)
  • DiffWindow was setting the property in the wrong module when applying changes

2.00.0217 - Released on 17-Jan-2007
  • DevCompare HTML saves didn't align multiline source code properties correctly
  • Printing from DevCompare didn't work in Microsoft IE7
  • DevCompare/Report and the PowerSearch file/directory edits added double-quotes around the filenames

2.00.0216 - Released on 15-Jan-2007
  • PowerSearch in directories did not match file extensions with different upper/lower case characters.

2.00.0215 - Released on 04-Jan-2007
  • fix network license handling
  • version number in 214 was wrongfully set to 375
  • saving DevCompare results didn't work (filename wasn't passed in correctly)

2.00.0214 - Released on 11-Dec-2006
  • "Treat as Binary" option in PowerSearch caused missing search results
  • fixed DevCompare exception when opening the Diff-Window
  • fixed PropExplorer/DevCompare pop-under message dialogs (on library/reference module missing)
  • made some improvements to the find function, can now search up and down (F3 and Shift+F3)
  • the "find" function is now implemented in practical all "editor" windows (difference viewer/PowerSearch/etc)
  • the find function understands wildcard searches (with the usual "*" and "?" placeholders)
  • fixed Screen DPI Font problem in the Settings dialog for user running in normal 96 DPI font size
  • RepAPI now supports jsp/xml reports files
  • DevReport now also reports property inheritance
  • Enabled printing from property-show windows
  • OLB support for PropertyExplorer
  • Properties are now sorted by name in DevCompare, DevReport, Property Set Manager,#2037
  • PropertyExplorer added coord info object
  • DevReport remove of objects with no reported properties
  • DevReport enable remove of inherited/default props
  • Added list elements to PropertyExplorer
  • DevCompare - fixed bug with whitespace causing out of memory errors
  • fixed file locking of license file can loose license key
  • fixed RepAPI time parsing is 1-24 instead of 0-23 for hours/minutes/seconds
  • DevCompare edit/merge support for Oracle Reports (stage-1)
  • DevCompare keyboard navigable tree
  • change of trial limit, make version dependant 30days per build
  • change of trial limit, allow a weekly less limited license for tests

1.00.0155 - Released on 26-Jul-2006
  • ReportsAPI - fix invalid linked Hyperlinks

1.00.0154 - Released on 06-Mar-2006
  • fix trial mode problem with Forms10gR2 (#18 : Type Mismatch on saving forms)

1.00.0153 - Released on 17-Dec-2005
  • changed loading of plls, try to open first without pld conversion
  • fixed pll loading with attached libraries (pll-pld conversion uses reports, needed to set reports_path=forms_path)
  • fixed access violation on maximized main window calling diff window

1.00.0152 - Released on 06-Dec-2005
  • added better compare algorithm for DevCompare
  • fixed "Out of memory" error when loading modules
  • fixed "access violation" error that happened sometimes on exiting

1.00.0151 - Released on 11-Nov-2005 Read News
  • Developer Suite 10g R2 (10.1.2.x) support added
  • Menus in profiles had a couple of properties missing (startup code, main menu, Share library, etc)

1.00.0150 - Released on 02-Nov-2005
  • fixed bug in ReportsAPI, not linking Groups/Group columns to the data model
  • fixed bug in ReportsAPI, failing with error message on invalid COMMENT object references

1.00.0149 - Released on 23-Oct-2005
  • Powersearch quick find in files>32768bytes silently failed, ignoring them.
  • improved loading of pl/sql libraries, less unexplainable "#1-Operation Failed!" errors

1.00.0148 - Released on 10-Oct-2005
  • DevCompare file selection dialog, made it work when only directory entered.
  • Property view window enable saving of property text (to text and html)
  • diffshow window enabled saving of left and right compare editor (to text and html)
  • diffshow make color scheme editable
  • diffshow fixed graphical glitch on horizontal scrolling
  • DevCompare option to disable chevrons/dotted lines
  • PowerSearch property, fixed "defer required enforce" property for in property search
  • diffshow window reports wrong property name for reports
  • DevCompare/DevReport/PropsetManager added the data type property for user parameters
  • DevCompare fixed disappearing compare window, now displays proper error message
  • fix in reports-api, fixed RepAPI_GetAllObjects function to return all sub objects of given object
  • fix in reports api, program units were not linked to the main owning objects (format triggers, placeholder program units, etc)

1.00.0147 - Released on 09-Jun-2005
  • DevCompare, critical bug deleting inherited changed object-properties in subclassed objects fixed
  • DevCompare, disable editing of certain properties that should never be edited
  • DevCompare now warns on saving when module got loaded with missing libraries
  • improved memory usage for long PowerSearch loading many forms modules

1.00.0146 - Released on 23-May-2005
  • DevCompare/DevReport/PropExplorer not asking for load anyway when missing refs from commandline
  • removed missleading reporting and compare of object-typ-properties in DevCompare
  • added reporting of roles in menus/menuitems to DevReport
  • DevCompare added new option in the Diff Editor to group changes/inserts together
  • Diff Editor now remembers the show linenumbers/specialchars settings for next time

1.00.0145 - Released on 07-May-2005
  • DevCompare/DevReport raised error when comparing Menu-Modules under Forms9i and 10g
  • Fixed error in ReportsAPI for large Reports (value not found in linklist)
  • disabled editable Coord-System properties in DevCompare

1.00.0144 - Released on 06-Apr-2005
  • commandline support for Explorer/Compare/Report added
  • fixed the "out of memory error" that happened with certain reports,#6521
  • fixed tnsnames parsing for database aliases in FormsCompare DB Selector / Parameterscreens
  • FormsCompare DB Selector did not set the Oracle Home to the FormsAPI location
  • devcompare,fixed closing changed modules, hitting "cancel" didn't cancel the second
  • devcompare,fixed bug in text compare with changes at the end of text
  • fix bug in Diff Editor, writing back changes always set change flag
  • chevron-button in diff editor better visible when over text
  • enabled Undo/Redo when using chevron-button to merge changes in DiffShow
  • disabled apply/cancel buttons for reports in Diff Editor
  • diff editor has now a button for enabled/disable whitespace check during compare
  • diff editor whitespace check now uses simple PLSQL grammar rules for checking whitespaces
  • main window now retains last window position and size settings on next start
  • PropertyExplorer now supports saving as HTML
  • PropertyExplorer fixed displaying of subclassed objects with inherited/broken changes
  • Developer Compare, saving results as HTML didn't escaped properties with HTML content properly
  • Get Oracle environment var DE_PREFS_TABSIZE for tabs in DiffEditor/PropertyViewer
  • DiffEditor, the right window did replace tabs with spaces
  • DevCompare, new option for enabling/disabling inheritance check
  • DevReport separated property names and value with a tab now - more structured.
  • DevReport do line break before the first line of PL/SQL
  • PowerSearch replacement text was not shown anywhere
  • PowerSearch improved display of what exactly is getting replaced in log
  • PowerSearch underlining property name in search result hides any "_" in the name.
  • enhanced general security issue, database passwords got stored unencrypted in registry,#2048

1.00.0143 - Released on 08-Mar-2005
  • DeveloperCompare SourceCodeDiff-window can now be edited
  • Expired license keys now show more meaningful message
  • DeveloperCompare didn't compare record group static values, fixed for Forms6i and up,#2584
  • DeveloperCompare, copying RecordGroup queries doesn't work,#6523

1.00.0142 - Released on 20-Feb-2005
  • DeveloperCompare result can now be edited/copied (Stage1 - SourceCodeDiff editor comes later!)
  • improvements in the DeveloperCompare html output and print
  • not deleting any user created property sets when uninstalling the app

1.00.0141 - Released on 20-Jan-2005
  • Final "character mode logical att" property bug fix - this property is not available in early Forms6i patches
  • Range Check Error in FormsCompare

1.00.0140 - Released on 19-Jan-2005
  • All Properties profile cleaned up
  • settings dialog size problem fixed
  • memory manager replaced

1.00.0139 - Released on 17-Jan-2005
  • Win32 Error 5 bug fixed that was happening on some few computers
  • file mask in PowerSearch
  • DeveloperCompare file extensions enhanced to work with versioning systems that append version suffixes
  • PowerSearch doesn't save anymore the last searchparams into local program directory (fixes user privileg restriction problems)
  • Picture path for html save (developercompare) is now a configuration parameter under settings
  • "character mode logical att" property added to property sets for Forms6i
  • Disable unsupported d2fp properties depending on selected Forms Version API.
  • Comparing forms with more than 600 items in it caused an error
  • PropertySearch fixed to ignore treating Forms modules as binary
  • Oracle Home check was limited to the first ten homes only, increased to 20
  • Fixed No-Admin rights access violation when in trial mode
  • specifying path for picking up right dll's when creating API context

1.00.0138 - Released on 07-Jan-2005
  • Win32 Error 5 debug build

1.00.0137 - Released on 07-Dec-2004
  • Recompiled/fixed Advanced Property Search in PowerSearch

1.00.0136 - Released on 19-Aug-2004
  • DeveloperCompareDiff enabled save and print functionality

1.00.0135 - Released on 04-Jun-2004
  • DeveloperCompare throwed exceptions in some rare combinations
  • DevCompare can now handle *.olb Object Library Modules - Requires Forms6i and up.
  • DevCompare now has a button to refresh filecompares
  • DevCompare for files now allow different file extensions.

1.00.0134 - Released on 07-May-2004
  • Forms10g support
  • Reports10g support
  • FormsAPI selection now works in the settings dialog
  • improved error reporting when no valid api can be found.
  • FindDialog now works in DeveloperReport tool.
  • DeveloperCompare can now save single code compare results.
  • disabled confusing/useless DevCompare check for position change in trigger/program units.
  • f7/f8 in the DevCompare difference window now center jumps
  • PowerSearch directory selection used file select dialog.

1.00.0133 - Released on 12-Jan-2004
  • Fix Memory Access Exception in PowerSearch;

1.00.0132 - Released on 12-Jan-2004
  • Printing is now supported out of DeveloperCompare (Requires MS IE 5.5 and up).
  • DeveloperCompare results can be saved to nicely formatted HTML files.

1.00.0131 - Released on 29-Dec-2003
  • Property Search improved - now shows which property is forms/report.
  • Property Search fixed - Oracle Reports are now searched correctly.

1.00.0130 - Released on 14-Dec-2003
  • powersearch advanced prop search finally implemented
  • DeveloperCompare matches subclassed objects to unsubclassed ones properly now.
  • fixed bug with property #27 error in compare tool for Forms9i.
  • compare now shows correct icons for items/canvas depending on the type

1.00.0129 - Released on 13-Oct-2003
  • cosmetic fixess to make display work properly with big/small fonts on XP/W2k
  • Oracle Reports loading doesn't override REX files anymore
  • improved handling of license keys in Network installations

1.00.0128 - Released on 10-Jul-2003
  • Compare tool : fixed presentation of unnamed objects of Reports
  • Compare tool : Forms9i record group property is now handled properly
  • Reports now can be loaded properly when in paths with spaces in it.

1.00.0127 - Released on 22-May-2003
  • API detection improved, now also works with ORACLE_HOME environment set and paths with ending ""

1.00.0126 - Released on 18-May-2003
  • fixed SimpleReplace bug with "binary forms modules" option checked
  • Tab/Space character in devcompare is now properly displayed and not anymore stripped out
  • FormsAPI version detection works more reliable and faster
  • The API now works in a single context for all tools, resulting in faster executions
  • Fixed bug of loading same module multiple times resulting in error, #4087
  • DeveloperCompare now handles graphic-groups on canvases properly
  • DeveloperCompare is now showing subclass/property inheritance information.
  • PowerSearch now can replace text in Reports & PLL's

1.00.0125 - Released on 12-Feb-2003
  • Improve&Stabilize various Oracle ReportsAPI functions
  • Fix DeveloperReport trial bug for registered users

1.00.0124 - Released on 14-Jan-2003
  • FormsCompare renamed to DeveloperCompare because it now also understands Oracle Reports
  • DeveloperCompare can now also compare textfiles directly (*.sql)
  • The PropertyExplorer also can explore Oracle Reports
  • DeluxeReport renamed to DeveloperReport and understands Oracle Reports
  • find/replace does now change all properties in the powersearch