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failed to load Object Library

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Topic: failed to load Object Library
Posted By: charlieohampson
Subject: failed to load Object Library
Date Posted: 26-January-2016 at 12:39am

I'm having issues running a custom script which attaches webutil and moves webutil.pll to the top. This is required because of an issue with Forms 11g.

This is the error I'm getting:

21:11:45 [Error]   ┌┤Exception [Exception] - failed to load Object Library
                   │                        #1 : Operation Failed
                   │ Raised at line [236] in module [_main]
                   ╘══► Code:[olb := api_loadmodule('\\ybs017fs\shared\GroupProjectsIT_Development_WebformsDev\webutil_test\webutil.olb');]

I have this line in the script and the webutil.olb is in that directory:
olb := api_loadmodule('\\ybs017fs\shared\GroupProjectsIT_Development_WebformsDev\webutil_test\webutil.olb');

I need to run this script to move the webutil library to the top as I'm having to take around 3000 forms from a 10g environment and compile them on our new 11g environment. So this script is simply preparing the modules for compilation on 11gr2.

Can anyone please advise what the problem could be?

One possible issue is that the modules have been compiled on our current 10g environment which is:
Forms 10.1 (Form Compiler) Version (Production)

Our local forms builder which is used by the Forms API Master script is older:
Forms [32 Bit] Version (Production)

Could this be the cause of this issue?

It's strange that I add all modules to be processed by the script but it stops with the above error at different times i.e. not always the same module.

Any advice/suggestions would be much appreciated.



Posted By: administrator
Date Posted: 26-January-2016 at 3:46am
Dear Charlie,

Yes, differences in module version could possibly explain it. Especially between major versions (like loading a Forms11g module in Forms10g), but even minor versions sometimes can lead to issues like yours. Under the batch-tools you can find a version checker, which should tell you what exact version the Forms module you are operating on is. It's worthwhile to quickly check your modules version in that tool before running the script.

Another explanations could be memory-issues (are you freeing all those loaded modules properly with API_FreeModule() ?!) .. and memory fragmentation (especially when going through 3,000 modules - a call to the FlushAPIContext() function might be necessary - this builtin will release and recreate the Oracle Forms library interface and with it it will release all the internally allocated memory Forms has done, i recommend a call to this one every 100 loaded modules).


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