Articles by Stefan

FormsTool V3.0 64bit released

By Stefan posted on 07-Sep-2012

FormsTool V3.0 Beta can now be downloaded from our website. The new version is a complete rewrite and adds a lot of new features as well as long awaited support for Forms11g-64bit. The new version as released as BETA until all major features are included and the tool is showing to run stable.

Now that FormsTool is out of the door i will have time to focus on FormsAPI Master V3.0. The script engine compatible with 64bit was just released middle of August and still has some problems with exception handling (so i've been told). Hopefully I will know more about how that might impact you by end of the month. In the meantime please feel free to give FormsTool V3.0 a try - if you own a valid license key for FormsAPI Master then the new FormsTool version will accept those keys!

Forms11g released

By Stefan posted on 01-Jul-2009

Oracle just released the new Forms11g version today. We are currently testing and certifying support for Forms11g in our tools. A new version of our tools is expected to be released soon!

New Website Design

By Stefan posted on 01-Jul-2009

Time for a bit of change. Our old website design served us well but started to look a bit antiquated.

Together with the introduction of the new website design we also plan to implement a new customer portal where our customers can manage their license, submit testcases and bugs in a secure environment and stay up to date on the latest versions. The Customer Portal isn't quite ready but should be up soon.

New Pricing

By Stefan posted on 09-Nov-2006

New pricing schedule got released. Prices will get into effect for customers joining us after 1st of December 2006.